STYLE GUIDE | NEW Titanium Hoops!

STYLE GUIDE | NEW Titanium Hoops!

Do you have sensitive ears to the point where even precious metal is not friendly to your skin?

It's amazing to me how our body chemistry reacts to metal types in various ways. My daughter has learned that buying jewelry not made with precious metals turns her skin green. As much as I have loved designing and creating with copper and brass/bronze in the past, I am unable to wear base metal jewelry myself. It doesn't take long for my skin to react the the various metal properties.

The last year and a half, I've received many requests for Titanium earring. I've never worked with the material and was unsure about it's capabilities forming delicate wire into structural designs. But Titanium is definitely easier to work with than I thought.

Axiom Hoops, Aurora Hoops and Safiya Hoops



Incorporating Titanium in jewelry offers many pros...

  • Extremely durable, can hold up to everyday wear
  • Hypoallergenic, nickel & cobalt free
  • Naturally resistant to corrosion and doesn't fade
  • Comfortable to wear and surprisingly lightweight

The Titanium used here at CLJ is 20 gauge, pure medical grade #1, which contains no alloys. The natural grey color is similar to stainless steel and is sourced within the US.

If you're wondering how I keep from contaminating the Titanium earrings during the creative process? I use separate tools to form and shape each design and use alcohol on hammers prior to use when texturing and hardening each design. Titanium earrings are also tumbled together and never with other precious metals used in the studio.

Here's what Cayenne E. from Florida had to say about her own pair of Titanium hoop earrings...

"I am absolutely crazy about the earrings I purchased from you! They are gorgeous and they have given me zero irritation issues at all, which is definitely not something I can say for every pair of “titanium” earrings I’ve purchased from other places. I didn’t ask to be a human metal detector, but here I am! I am actually getting a second set of earlobe piercings this week, and I can’t wait for them to heal up so I can buy a pair of the mini Amora hoops to stack up with some of your larger pieces I already own. I 100% recommend your titanium earrings!"

Fun facts about Titanium...

  • Titanium was named after the strong Greek gods, the Titans
  • Periodic name is Ti
  • Reverend William Gregor first discovered Titanium in 1791
  • One of the hardest natural metals in the world
  • It's also used in airplanes, missiles and rockets
  • Learn more about the metal Titanium, visit the LiveScience website for more details.

I am thrilled to offer an alternative metal option for those with sensitive ears. You can shop all of CLJ's signature style delicate hoop earrings in your size and style, now available in Titanium!



Jewelry Photo Credits: Cindy Liebel Jewelry 
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