Meet Cindy



Your style is easy and effortless. You want jewelry that is uncomplicated and lightweight to complement your active lifestyle. Crafted to outlast every fashion trend, Cindy Liebel Jewelry is timeless.

The Artist Behind the Brand

Standing outside, wearing my Sunday best, I vividly remember my grandfather focusing his camera lens on capturing my childhood. It wasn’t just his passion; it was also a ritual, an attempt to pause and document life in one moment. His love of photography and storytelling through pictures was remarkable, and as a young girl, he inspired me to photograph my family’s world travels with my own camera. I’ve been a visual storyteller ever since.

But my jewelry obsession? I owe that to my mom. Every month or so, we’d sit together and flip through a catalog, and she’d let me pick one or two things to order. Usually, I’d choose a silver ring, with or without gemstones, and then wait with excitement and anticipation until the package arrived in the mail.

My love affair with jewelry began as a teen, but it wasn’t until I was pregnant with my daughter that I discovered my curiosity around manipulating metal into wearable art. After selling my jewelry to friends and family and on Etsy since 2008 as CT2 Designs, I founded Cindy Liebel Jewelry in 2014.

I invite you to express your creativity. Have fun! Fearlessly blend styles in a way that speaks to you.


My Inspiration & Process

My inspiration comes from the simple shapes in Scandinavian, Modernist, and Art Deco architecture. When I design a collection, I let my inspiration guide me to translate these architectural motifs into simple, elegant jewelry. I incorporate geometric lines, soft angles, and refined textures into my easy-to-wear pieces.

I start with hand-drawn sketches, then move to scaled paper models to work out details to tangibly envision the piece. When I’m satisfied with a design, I create the piece in metal.

The final step is to wear the jewelry I create. If a piece is uncomfortable or doesn’t look like I imagined, I won’t put it out into the world until it meets my standards.

My jewelry has a universal aesthetic that appeals to all genders. When I’m designing, it’s not for a specific type of customer but rather for the person who loves clean lines, values their individuality, and is confident in their fashion choices.



My Commitment to Care for our Environment

My unwavering commitment to ethical and sustainable sourcing pushes the limits of my creativity and invites me to explore new opportunities in design. I craft each piece with sustainability in mind. I intentionally source all materials from supply chains that focus on environmental stability and educate consumers about sustainable mining and ethical trade. To that end, I use Argentium & sterling silver, gold, and other precious metals acquired from trusted, responsible suppliers, or I will recycle the metal myself. Whenever possible, I reuse raw materials and incorporate post-consumer materials in the packaging.


Giving Back

I support local and national nonprofit organizations that reflect my values and commitment to my community, such as We Wield the Hammer, Empower House, Planned Parenthood, Loveland Foundation, and Feeding America Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank.