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Every day I step into my home studio with hopes, dreams, and new design ideas, ready to work and create jewelry. The gratification to be able to do what I do; to make jewelry for others who love your work, is such a delight. Words can't express enough of how lucky I am and how pleased you are when wearing your jewelry.

After last year's holiday rush of orders and events, I received many emails of how much each of you loves wearing your new jewelry every day. Back in January, I received an email from Lynette, who purchased the Love Letter necklace in remembrance of her grandma. Reading her story tugged at my heart for days.

"I absolutely love the necklace as it is, so I will keep it!  This particular necklace is special to me because my grandma sent cards and letters to people often.  She sent them to me as I grew up (even though we were a few miles away!), and when I was away at college.  After she passed away, I learned to make cards and have enjoyed it.  I wanted this necklace to remember my Grandma's love of sending mail and to celebrate one of my favorite hobbies. Thank you so much for making such wonderful things, and Happy New Year!" -Lynette, UT

Thank you, Lynette, for sharing your story. And thanks to all of you for your testimonials and including my jewelry into your lives. I am humbled by your kind words, your emails, and sharing a piece of you with me. The process keeps me grounded and gives me a sense of purpose.

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