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STYLE GUIDE | Top 10 Hoop Earrings of 2021

Last year was a pretty great year for making lots and lots of wire hoops, 892 to be exact. Each week, I dedicate a block of time over a period of two days to making these structures of wearable art. These hoops are made to order, this not only include online purchases, but also for my retail partners and in-person and virtual events. From sizing, shaping, measuring, filing, hammering, polishing... The joy I find in building all the hoop earrings is quite therapeutic. It's a process I thoroughly enjoy and a nice break away from the soldering bench fabricating pendants, studs and rings.

There are many characteristics to the design and style of wire hoops, here are a few you should know about CLJ hoops.

  • The beauty of wearing hoops is the ease of use, they are very lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Each hoop is made using 19 gauge wire that's been hardened, allowing them to maintain their structure better than using a softer wire.
  • They are available in two to three different sizes, mini, petite, tall, and xtall.
  • Each design can be worn in several metal finishes, polished and charcoal silver, yellow and rose gold fill, karat gold, and new metal introduced last autumn, titanium.
  • All hoops are hand-shaped individually and paired together using specific hand tools or jigs to form each shape identically. That said, because each one is handcrafted, there are always some slight variations in the size and shape of the hoop.
  • Some hoops, such as Trireck, Axiom, Nessa, Kairo, and Flera designs, display a beautiful hammered texture that glistens with every movement when worn.

There a two types of hoop styles available, the pull-through (or threader) and hook style. The differences between the two styles are the pull-through hoops simply slides in like an ear hook or ear wire and threads through the ear piercing with ease (in most cases). Styles available with the pull-through feature are Nessa, Amora, Isla, Helena, Safiya, Brea, Athena, Aurora, Warrior, Flera, Axiom, and Dentado. The hook style has just enough wire to thread through the ear, like an earring post, and securely hooks into a loop opposite the hook and stays in place. Styles available with the hook are, Kairo, Val, Trireck, and CharlotteIf you ever need suggestions or would like to schedule a virtual try-on, reach out, I'm happy help you find the right hoop earrings for you.

Finally, from classic designs that have been around since the beginning to new surprises, here are the top 10 hoop earrings you've been loving here at CLJ throughout 2021.

Whether you've purchased a pair of hoops for yourself or as a gift, I am always delighted to see which pieces I get to make for you over time. Thank you for your love of hoops. I look forward to bringing you more styles each year for you to enjoy. See the entire CLJ Hoop Earring catalog for more styles that have been making their way onto ear lobes across the US and abroad.


Jewelry Photo Credits: Cindy Liebel Jewelry
Model Photo Credits: Nina Wilson Photography
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