How to Wear Mask Friendly Earrings by Cindy Liebel Jewelry

STYLE GUIDE | Mask Friendly Earring

As you already know, wearing face masks on the daily has been an adjustment, who thought it would be one of the top selling accessories of 2020. We are all about adorning quality jewelry that makes us feel good and gives us joy while being safe.

We don't want you to fuss around with your earrings while putting on your facemask. Here at CLJ, we have an assortment of earrings you can wear without them getting in the way of wearing your masks.

Arcsis Studs, Mora Posts, Isi Mini Studs, Maya Studs and Mini Aya Hoops

Isi Petite Studs, Cara Posts, Methra Mini Hoops, Arcsis Studs and Arcsis Statement Posts

How our customers are wearing their CLJ with their facemasks.

Mini Axiom Hoops, Lyra Posts, Petite Aurora Hoops, Petite Isi Studs, Cara Posts and Petite Isla Hoops

Whether you were studs and small dangles, we want you to look feel stylish and be safe! Shop our collection of mask friendly earrings that won't get in the way of wearing your facemask.


Photo Credits: Cindy Liebel Jewelry and Courtesy of our Customers
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