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STYLE GUIDE | Five Ways to Stack your Favorite Earrings

When I started making jewelry, I only had one set of piercings since I was an infant. The second set was to encourage my daughter to have hers done. At the time, she was in elementary and still too nervous while watching the lady pierce my ears. A year later, I had my third set done and since the pandemic, my daughter is ready to have her ears pierced! I can't wait for her to experience the joy in wearing earrings... I may try for a fourth.

Since having multiple piercings, I've been having a lot of fun pairing a variety of styles together, from mixing metals to different lengths and shapes. If you follow me on social media, Instagram or Facebook, you've probably seen me share some of my favorite ways to stack my earrings. I usually keep my earring party simple during the week since I spend more of my time at in the studio. On the weekends, it's a different story. I also tend to wear the same style within my top to piercings and switch out the main one all the time. This time around, I switch it up every week and pick out three styles to wear for the weekend.

Trireck HoopsCara Studs and Ishka Earrings

Many of the styles I design are versatile and can be worn more than one way. You can stack a pair of delicate hoops, mix it up with studs in different metal finishes or create a theme with our heart motif design. Either way, you can never go wrong!

Here are some tips of how to stack your collection of CLJ earrings.

  1. Keep it simple | Wear the same style of earrings in the same color.
  2. Play with shapes | Add different shapes from studs to hoops to dangle drops.
  3. Think about color | Get creative mixing metals with gemstones (coming soon to CLJ).
  4. Pair dainty with statement earrings | Add drama to your look by pairing a set of studs with long, bold statement earrings.
  5. Try something new | Go all out with multiple piercings throughout, such as helix, conch or tragus, with a pair of hoops and micro studs.

Valentina StudsAmora HoopsIsla Hoops, and Brea Hoops

Mora Posts, Isi Studs and Warrior Hoops


As a jewelry collector, there are no rules to how you should stack your earrings. Have fun and be courageous creating a combination of styles to build your own earring party from our selection in singles and pairs.


Photo Credits: Nina Wilson Photography + Cindy Liebel Jewelry
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