Earring Styles to Compliment your Face Shape

STYLE GUIDE | Earring Styles to Flatter Your Face Shape

Do you know your face shape and what earring style is most flattering?

Let's face it, selecting the right earring style that compliments your face shape isn't always easy. There are so many earring designs to love and depending on how short or long your face is or how your ear lobes display your earrings, choosing the right style flattering to you can be challenging.

There are many variables that come with designing jewelry when creating earrings, from the size in width and length to how dainty and large to light and heavy, and how the jewelry rests on the body overall.

I spent some time matching face shapes with all the CLJ earring designs and the process was so much fun!

Here's a visual guide to give you a general idea of what earring style is flattering to your own face shape, featuring CLJ earrings for reference.


Below I've compiled a visual for your review of CLJ earrings that are most flattering to your face shape. This is just a guide, nothing is set in stone.



Hallie Earrings, Vida Post Earrings, Isla Hoops, Pelia Earrings, Amora Hoops, Margot Earrings



Dentado Hoops, Fia Posts, Ishka Earrings, Luna Diamond Drops, Candis Earrings, Athena Earrings



Methra Hoops, Pelia Earrings, Lyra Posts, Warrior Hoops, Aurora Hoops, Arcelia Earrings



Helena Hoops, Cara Studs, Axiom Hoops, Brea Hoops, Trireck Hoops, Safiya Hoops, Meena Earrings



Valentina Studs, Aya Hoops, Flera Hoops, Mora Posts, Aurora Hoops, Maya  Studs, Arcelia Earrings



Maya Studs, Aurora Hoops, Arcsis Statement Posts, Lais Hoops, Lyra Posts, Mariam Earrings

If you made it this far, thank you! This was a fun project to put together and I hope this guide gives you an idea of which earrings work best with your face shape. Also, know this is just a guide, there are no hard rules to wearing jewelry, especially when you are expressing your individual style. Have fun with finding the earrings you love that's flattering to you.

If you're interested in a virtual try-on, drop me a note any time so we can find the right fit for you! 


Jewelry Photo Credits: Cindy Liebel Jewelry 
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