New Summer 2022 Stud Earrings, Melody Collection by Cindy Liebel Jewelry

DESIGNER SERIES | New Summer Studs, Melody Collection

I don't know about you but I love cranking the music up loud in the car while driving on the highway or some unknown place where there's no traffic. Just driving and jammin' to music, always puts me in a good mood.

Evoke feelings of joy today and energize your mood with my new studs for summer and beyond. The Melody Collection emphasizes a trio of lines and continuous loops drawing attention with subtle dramatic twists and turns, giving life to this collection of sculptural stud earrings. Inspired by the rhythm and flow of movement layered with a mix of trance, house, techno, and synth-style music.



Each design is available in four different metal finishes, each presenting their own characteristics... Bright silver, charcoal silver, two-toned finish and 14K gold.

My days in the studio or at my computer desk, I am constantly listening to music when I work. I am more focused and into doing the tasks at hand that I need to get done... Unless a specific song is playing and well, I may just get up a dance. I'm always listening to a variety of house, techno, EDM tunes with a dose of hip hop or new wave sounds. I'll share more of my favorite songs/performers I listen to on the daily in my next diary entry.

Opus, Midi, Viola, Aria and Legato Earrings

Until then, it's always a good time to release some dopamine with your favorite melodies and a pair of studs from the Melody Collection... Shop new styles!



Photo Credits: Nina Wilson Photography + Cindy Liebel Jewelry
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