I made my very first pair of delicate hoop earrings back in the summer of 2015, which launched in November that same year, the original Aya Hoop Earring design. There's something about the soft silhouettes of an elongated ear hook that I'm drawn to, the lightness accented with elements of texture added was the icing on the cake for me. Overtime, I've created similar and more refined pieces, many without attachments, streaming for more of a seamless look to showcase a mix of geometric shapes in a different way.


While I spent time designing the Melody collection, I thought, why not create something unexpected with delicate wire. My love linear line art continues to grow and evolve, especially during the design process. It's why I tend to enjoy transforming delicate forms into something structurally wearable and comfortable at the same time.

The combination of motion and line drawing, captivated my eyes towards artist, Bridget Riley's "Interrupted Circle" from 1963. It's full of movement and depth, there's so much curiosity within this painting that draws my attention to simplistic details of repetition.

Throughout the spring and summer days/nights, I set aside time manipulating scraps of copper wire to bringing life to six new designs and it was pure enjoyment for me and I hope for you while wearing them.


The development of my new Lumière {lumière is French for 'light'} collection is a blend of my love of designing an elevated series of delicate hoop earrings and ear climbers. Bringing this vision to life has been rewarding built in with excitement and love for the art of jewelry making.

This collection of delicate statement earrings highlights distinctively sophisticated sculptural silhouettes featuring geometric shapes with hints of sparkle add lightness with minimalist details. They present an element of surprise, featuring a bold range of obscure angles and fearless curves that are sure to grab attention.

This series of eccentric delicate wire earrings are elevated with twinkles of black diamonds and white moissanites, which glow with your every move. They wear perfectly alone, yet can be layered with your favorite earring collection.

I hope my new line of earrings gives you perspective to step out of your comfort zone wearing something different for pleasure or noteworthy event.

Stay tuned for more details about Moissanites, behind the scenes processes, ways to wear each style, how to care for and more! In the meantime, shop the entire Lumière Collection today.


Photo Credits: Nina Wilson Photography + Cindy Liebel Jewelry
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