DESIGNER SERIES | AW2023 Asteria Collection

DESIGNER SERIES | AW2023 Asteria Collection

Never did I ever think I would include gemstone beads into my collection. When I first started making jewelry, I was heavy into glass Czechs beads and wire wrapping. It was a fun passion of mine when I was captivated by the options and ability to create colorful pieces.

But once I learned metalsmithing, it was a whole new world for me and I didn't want to go back to beading. I eventually donated the majority of my beads to other creatives who wanted to dive into beading. When I visited the Tucson Gem Show in Arizona back in January '23, I was heavenly overwhelmed with the assortment of gemstones overall, sensory overload for sure.

I explored ideas of working with cabs, more faceted gems, but I remember there was an abundance of natural gemstone beads, which I did not purchase, but I was mesmerized by the variety and color.

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Stella Earrings

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Fast forward, I had the opportunity to visit a gemstone company while visiting a friend in Oregon over the summer and I enjoyed the process of exploring the variety of  ethically sourced gemstone beads and was captivated with natural inclusions of each stone. Ideas of incorporating them into my jewelry designs in a way that was true to my design aesthetic and unique.

I spent months on getting this trio of earrings just right - some concepts of design started many years ago - I'm so thrilled to finally make them available for your enjoyment. This trio earring styles showcase a combination of soft geometric forms, conspicuous charm drops and natural gemstones. The gems are from various regions in the US/Canada, Brazil and Chile. The gemstone beads' soothing color pallet includes a variety of blues, greens, pinks, and crystals. 

You can shop the Asteria Collector's Edition now throughout the holiday season, online and in-person.

Photo Credits: Cindy Liebel Jewelry
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