COLLABORATION | Jewelry Inspired by Historical Architecture and Interior Design

COLLABORATION | Jewelry Inspired by Historical Architecture and Interior Design

I was presented with an opportunity to design a jewelry piece inspired by the Heurich House Museum. The collaboration was fun and exciting to be given the opportunity to make something new for such a historical home located in the Dupont Circle neighborhood. Built 1892 - 1894, the Heurich House Museum is also known as the Christian Heurich Mansion or Brewmaster's Castle, is a Gilded Age mansion in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington D.C.

Image from Green Guild Michelin

Image courtesy of Heurich House Museum


The Amelia Earrings - named after Christian's second wife - are hand fabricated in recycled sterling silver. The earrings are inspired by the intersection of bold lines and braided forms throughout the home's interior design. The interior presents an abundance of movement within the architecture and structure, which inspired the continuous form when making the earrings. This includes all the small details within the Heurich home, down to the design of the ear hook, which exhibits a geometric silhouette. The earrings are lightweight and transitions from casual to a night on the town or special occasion.

The new limited edition earrings are available until noon on Monday, August 31st. To purchase, visit the Heurich House Museum shop.


Photo Credit: Cindy Liebel Jewelry
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