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BEHIND THE DESIGN | Creating a Collection

Coming up with a collection isn't as easy as one might think. But once you have an idea, the design process is quite rewarding. 85% of all my designs begin with a sketch and many times the ideas flow while I am working on a piece unrelated. At that moment, I stop to write down my thoughts or do a quick sketch of the idea and return to my bench to complete the unrelated piece. Yes, many times, working with the materials can truly inspire an entirely different creation. This is just one, of many, reasons why I enjoy what I do. Nevertheless, creating a collection or single design always begins with pencil and paper. 

Once the ideal size of the piece is all sketched out, I hand draw the images on pliable cardstock and hand cut each piece in various sizes to use as templates. They are formed around my wrist, fingers. I use a mirror to get an idea how the piece will look worn. The templates are also used to create 3D sketches, then photographed and saved. I spend time researching what type of wire (or sheet) I need to actually create each piece. This process can be daunting as I try to determine the thickness and quantity I will need to create all the pieces. Once I receive my everything, the making of the collection begins.

This is a process that can take a while. I often spend a couple of days each week, dedicated to creating the collection. Other times I'll work in between regular orders. Notes are jotted down with measurements, how long it takes to make, supplies I may need that I don't have, etc. After all the pieces are created, my model and set up a photoshoot. During which time helps me see faulty kinks that need to be worked out... how the necklace lays, if the earrings are too long or too small. I can test them out on me, which I always do, but seeing my jewelry on others really makes a difference. Next step, editing photos and reworking a few pieces - or even removing some from the collection gets completed. Then another model reshoot and listing.

Viola! The collection is completed and shared via email subscribers, social media, friends and family and so on. Shop the full collection and read the meaning behind the Warrior collection in a previous post.


Photo Credit: Cindy Liebel
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