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2024 WORD OF THE YEAR | Clarity

Do you set goals or resolutions for the new year? Or do you choose a word, and if so, what word inspires you this year?

I used to set resolutions way, way back in the day, but I never seem to fulfill them 100%. At some point, I would lose sight of the resolution as the days, weeks, and months moved forward.

Since early 2007, I started choosing a word of the year and keeping a sticky note on my computer or printer as a daily reminder. Plus, I love how words tell a story.

My word for this year is clarity. It inspires me to want to have more clarity in all aspects of my life and business. Clear out the noise and have space for what's important. I'm hopeful this word will enhance and encourage me throughout 2024.

"Know what you are made of. Knowing yourself will give you clarity and certainty about the value of your existence. It will help you know whom to honour or not honour with your presence in this world.” ― Gift Gugu Mona




Clarity: Courage - Determination - Transparency - Confidence
Photography: Cindy Liebel
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