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IN YOUR OWN WORDS | A Birthday Story

Thanks so much for sharing your birthday stories with me. I truly enjoyed reading all of them and appreciate you taking the time to share your memories throughout the month of March.

I look forward to sharing more stories with you again soon and hope you will continue sharing, as well. In the meantime, sit back and relax with your favorite beverage and enjoy reading these wonderful memories of celebrations... So many great lessons learned, triumphs, losses and just good fun enjoying life!

My best friend moved out of state just before we started high school and for the last 20 years for our birthdays we send each other packages. They are usually full of small random things that we think the other would love. It might be a new kind of seasoning or a special pair of socks or even a cool pillbox. The packages always come with a long letter. Even though we text daily and talk on the phone at least once a week, there is something special about our birthday packages and they are one of the most special parts of my birthday. Even though they are something that I celebrate in private because my friend doesn’t live here, they make me feel loved and celebrated and special. They are also just as much fun to select and send as they are to receive. -Hoffman


Happy birthday! What a joyous photo and a great story! I am the oldest in my family and I was born the day before Mother’s Day. My mom and I enjoy getting to celebrate my birthday/her anniversary of motherhood right around Mother’s Day every year! 🥰 -JW


Happy birthday! One of my dearest friends is 34 years older than I am, but her birthday is exactly a week before mine so we have had many joint birthday celebrations, starting in my teens. Yesterday was the opening of a 70th birthday showing of her watercolor paintings at the gallery I work at, just the latest birthday collaboration between us. -Mara


My mother was a March baby. She loves her birthstone, especially pale aquamarines. I always bought her a piece when I saw it in the hue she liked. She's been gone for 6+ years but I have the jewelry to remind me of our bond.


My grandparents would call every year on my birthday and sing happy birthday, and then sing a Polish birthday song. I never answered the phone so I could save the voicemails. So glad I did because we lost my grandpa last fall. This year on my birthday I played an old voicemail just to hear him singing again. -Emily


Growing up, my Mom would have us pick our favorite meal & type of cake for our birthday. I would choose turkey with all the May! I liked chocolate icing on my cake & got to help decorate it. I still remember sitting at the dinner table as a kid & my parents bringing out the birthday cake with the candles lit. -Lori


My mum would call me at 9:54 a.m. on my birthday, no matter where I was, to tell me exactly what she was doing X number of years ago 😁. And how happy she was to have me so late in life. I’ve so missed those calls the last 30 birthdays, but it’s a treasured memory I hold close. -Kat


I didn’t get along with my dad until I moved out for college (we have a good relationship now!), but every year on my birthday no matter what he always left early and brought me home a pink sprinkled donut for breakfast. I can’t wait to continue the birthday donut tradition with my son! -Rachel


This is a really heartwarming birthday story! 🥺 My best birthday to date was getting to experience Niagara Falls with my whole family. It was amazing to have three generations of my family there and admire nature’s incredible beauty! 😍 -Moon


I love that story! ❤️❤️ I met my husband in my mid-30s. On our first date we were at dinner and discovered we shared the same birthday, same year. While it’s not a specific story, it was a nice God wink to affirm we were meant to be! -Chrissy


Happy Birthday, Cindy! My favorite birthday was when I turned 24, and my friend Seth hosted a party in my honor at his apartment. He made pasta for the occasion, and we all drank a lot of wine. Such a fun time! -Richelle


What a beautiful story you got! I want to win this piece for just one reason! A true birthday gift from me to you... Growing up we never celebrated birthdays back home it wasn't a thing same story in most families! Poverty! So, it wasn't a thing in my household, I only saw it in movies! Fast forward! I move here on my first birthday celebration, my then boyfriend now husband, got me small little package which contained most cash coz he didn't know what to get me! I was then turning 30! Now at 35, I still feel guilty to celebrate my own birthday coz I wasn't taught how! But I love chocolate cake! So much that my sister in-law makes me dinner and has for the last 5 years and it's always simple but lots of food. That's my birthday story Thank you for letting us share. -Yvonne


People familiar with Vermont know it has 5 distinct seasons- winter, spring, summer, fall and mud.  Mud season generally occurs in March, and involves nearly impassable roads and the biggest/deepest ruts you've ever encountered.  My birthday occurs mid-way through the month and usually smack dab during mud season which made birthday party plans quite unpredictable.  We had family friends who owned draft horses that could pull a sleigh, so that was often the birthday party plan.  I think we got rain or mudded out more times than it occurred, but I'm thankful for growing up in such a beautiful place with a unique birthday, even if it didn't always go as planned. -Emily


Happy Birthday! I loved your email -- as someone who writes jewelry newsletters all week, I really appreciate your personal touch. I couldn't resist entering the competition! You inspired me with your photos and stories. My sister and I share the same birthday: November 11. Or "11.11" otherwise known as one of the worst ATM passwords, it is apparently one of the first combinations a thief attempts!  We are 9 years apart, she's 1984 and I'm 1993. In the last ten years or so, we're the first people to wish each other Happy Birthday over text -- it's usually Facebook messenger and often not much after 12pm my time (I live in Ireland, as you may recall -- I am the package that got lost, made it back to you, then made it to me via Pennsylvania). It's a little thing, but it's our thing. Thanks for sharing your stories. You are a bright light on a cloudy day. Have a great one. -Liz


Totally resonate - my parents loved throwing a good party for our birthdays. Somewhere along the way when I left home for college, I stopped celebrating my birthday. But as I approached my 29th birthday, I had a major surgery days before and had to slow down and just enjoy the day - it was so rejuvenating. Ever since, I have always taken the day off and unplugged from work - enjoying the day with simple sitting at coffee shop and reading a book, or drinks with close friends. I used it as a day to remind myself to slow down. Happy birthday!!! and thank you for sharing your story. I love those earrings! I had never head of a mossy aquamarine (my birthstone too). -Karishma


On my 16th birthday, my mom planned a surprise party for me with all of my friends. She was excellent at surprises. One thing I know for certain is she DID NOT get that from her mother. The day before the surprise party, my Grandmother sent me a card in the mail (like she did every year). But this year, she signed the card and wrote “HOPE YOUR SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY WAS A HIT! My mom was so angry! I was glad, because I was 16 and I didn’t like surprises. I got to find out the day before all the details and I had a chance to work things out in my head. RIP Grandma Mary Belle & Mom! p.s. Hope you are well and happy, Cindy! xoxo! -Katherine


Your jewelry is beautiful I only have one piercing in my ears but I want to get more just so I can layer your earrings!  My birthday memory is actually not my birthday but my nieces. My eldest niece Penelope was turning three and my baby niece wasn’t born yet but due to arrive at any moment. My sister had been so worried about not being able to celebrate my nieces birthday if she went into labor before. Penelope’s birthday was on a Sunday that year, but we celebrated it on Saturday. Her birthday went great and she had a wonderful time. We went home and with in the hour my sister went into labor. We went back to baby sit my niece Penelope and that night my baby niece Phoebe was born. She was actually in the same hospital room as Penelope had been born almost exactly three years apart! It was fortunate that we had celebrated Penelope’s birthday a day early so that she could have her special day just before her baby sister arrived.  My sisters birthday is in March so keeping my fingers crossed to win as I think she would also like the aquamarine studs. Looking forward to using my voucher to get a new pair of earrings! Have a wonderful rest of the week. -Arianne 


Hi! We always celebrate birthdays for the week. In 2014, my husband surprised me with the opportunity to drive the Cupcake Car- but we were in CA for his birthday at the time. Back story- back in 2013 on the David Letterman show, an artist was on the show as she was selling her cupcake cars in the Neiman Marcus catalog for Christmas. The Cupcake car is an actual car you sit in- the motor is a little scooter that drives the car-yes you can steer. It looks like a huge cupcake! The artist created a series of these car for Burning Man event in CA.  Once I saw that car I really wanted to take it for a spin. So my husband was able to locate the artist- through many conversations and (with luck that his boss at the time was a sorority sister of the artist- and she immediately contacted her)- I think that sealed the deal. My husband kept it a secret to the day of the ride. It was an adventure- we had to take the light rail from San Francisco to Berkley- meet up with the artist- then get back to SF for dinner. This was a BIG ask for the artist (who could have said no easily)- she had to arrange with the company that was storing the two cars, make sure that they were charged up and would run- and clean them up. Then she had to arrange to meet with us at a certain date and time. So all this had to take her many hours just to set up- for our 3 minute drive (each) in the parking lot. The video is my “go to” when I need a laugh- I can always see it in my mind too. Life is wonderful driving a Cupcake Car!  Remember, we were in SF celebrating my husband’s birthday- but he gave me this gift (that keeps on giving). Enjoy the story! -Ellyn


Happy birthday month! I have so many wonderful birthday memories, like you my family is big on celebrations! My most recent memory was my birthday in 2020. I had just suffered a leg injury and found out I would need ACL and Meniscus surgery. I was super depressed, and between the ongoing pandemic and the recent surgery news I felt for the first time I had nothing to celebrate. However, as my sister was driving me home from that appointment where I found out about my surgery, I see a familiar car.  My only aunt and grandmother surprised my by driving 4 hours to celebrate my birthday! I cried like a baby! What started out as a pity party turned into a celebration of life, health, and strength! Not to mention some good eats! So I've learned to always be grateful in the good and bad, celebrate whether small or big! Love, Tia


Happy birthday! Thanks for sharing the love with your community. I love those studs! In December, I took myself on a birthday trip to Miami. Covid changed up our family holiday plans, and I ended up having some vacation days to take an actual vacation instead of traveling home. It was my first real trip in a while, and to celebrate, I bought myself a birthday beach hat! Here I am wearing it on my birthday. Thanks again! -Sarah


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Here is my birthday memory -- As a kid, my grandparents lived just over the line between Arkansas and Tennessee, while we were in Memphis. For each birthday, we'd meet somewhere in the middle, usually at a funny Mexican restaurant called Pancho's (best cheese dip ever), or Captain D's, or whatever got built there over the years. We were all there as a growing family, and there would always be ridiculous cakes with The Little Mermaid or Toy Story or something Disney! There was also always singing, usually led by yours truly, to be joined by the rest of the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins (I was the oldest). Once my grandparents each passed away, there was kind of a shift. Birthdays were still fun, but it wasn't the same, and everyone scattered. "Family" got kind of hard to mentally parse through, and eventually shifted to friends. Cut to my 26th birthday, or my "golden birthday" given it fell on May 26th. A friend had a bunch of points and wanted to do an overnight at the Hyatt Chesapeake Bay which is pretty fancy. A group of us drove out there and spent the day either in the pool or out enjoying the place, then we all got dressed up for dinner and went out. Once we came back, we kept exploring, and found a room that had been decorated for a wedding, but not fully taken down yet. I've always been a singer, so I stood in the middle of it and sang Disney songs (specifically "Beauty and the Beast" which got captured on video). My friends had also found ridiculous Cookie Monster cupcakes. There I was, singing, with my chosen family, and it was magic. There have been some other wonderful birthdays, but when it comes to a memory with some sparkle, that one stands out. Hope this brings you a smile too! -Heather 


My Birthday Story: I can't remember how many years this tradition lasted, but as a child my parents, sister, and I would go to a restaurant called Giovanna's every year for my birthday. I was so excited to get dressed up and go each year. My favorite appetizer was the "Mozzarella Triangles"--essentially mozzarella sticks, but the triangle presentation made them so special! The evening would end with a polaroid picture, which there's still a collection of shared by me and my parents. -Best, Ashley


I loved your birthday story! glad that you still can celebrate with your dad...those are cherished memories....hold them tight. My birthday is December 19 and with a family of 7 it was always during a hectic time before the holidays in my house but my mom made sure that my birthday didn't get lumped in with the Christmas holidays. I have two memories, one funny and one sad but thought I'd share them both with you. When I turned 21 I was returning home from college for the winter break on my birthday.  I was bound and determined to go out that night with my only turn 21 once!  Around dinner time that evening I developed a horrible nosebleed.  I grew up with them so they were no big deal but this one just wouldn't stop bleeding.  My mom finally decided she needed to take me to the ER.  As we were driving to the ER (also in a snowstorm...I lived in upstate NY) she remarked, "well, 21 years ago I was taking you to the hospital!"  We got a good laugh from that!  At the hospital they packed my nose and soon sent me home....half way home, it started to bleed again, we turned the car around.  The hospital staff finally got it under control and even brought me a donut with a candle in it to celebrate my birthday.  I made sure that they packed it as best as possible as I was still going to go out to celebrate that night...which I did.  But I always remember my mom's comment..."21 years ago I was taking you to the hospital" with a smile.

My other memory also involved my mom. (warning... Kleenex needed!) As an adult she always had my birthday present ready for me when I came home for the holidays.  She'd always send me a card and call me on my birthday but since I was always a few days away from coming home, I knew she'd have my present when I got home.   In 1994 she decided to send me my gift and it arrived on my birthday, 12/19.  I was surprised to see it and called her and said she didn't need to do that.  She replied she just wanted to.  (In hindsight probably because the store offered to mail it to me).  But little did I know that the next day she would pass away suddenly from a heart attack.  My sister found her and called me and at that very moment I was wrapping her Christmas gift.   I still find it odd that of all the years, she sent me my gift in '94.  Having her pass away the day after my birthday is a reminder of how much she meant to me and how much I miss her.  So, you asked for one story but got two!  I hope you are doing well and I love wearing the jewelry I've gotten from you!  Happy belated!!! -Cindy


My best birthday story was when I was eight (8) years old.  I had never had a real birthday party before because my birthday is December 30 and it is so close to Christmas that the birthday and Christmas were merged.  But this particular birthday my parents decided to give me a real party.  So I had on a pretty dress and I had some of my cousins and friends and we had hotdogs, and hats and cake and played games in my house since it was winter and it was wonderful.  I will always remember it.  I did not have another party until I turned fifty (50) and I gave it myself, it was like my coming out party, because I had just divorced. -CP


My favorite birthday story is for my 30th birthday my husband threw me a surprise party with a U2 cover band!! U2 is my favorite band. Everyone was at this party, my grandmother to my in laws from CT, to my overseas friends who were visiting NY at the time. My sister in law got so drunk that night she was vomiting at the restaurants bathroom and her mother was holding her hair back. Plus Trevor had to carry her home to our apartment! But I had no idea any of th is was going on because I was too busy dancing to the cover band. They were awesome and it was sooooo fun!! Xoxoxo, Elise 


But it’s a little different and I wanted to share it with you anyway 😊 So my birthday falls normally just during our school winter break in February and every four years that happens during the Winter Olympics. It was 1980 and my birthday party for my classmates was at the same time as our Finnish skiing giant Juha Mieto’s 15km cross country skiing race at the Lake Placid games. I remember us shouting at the tv screen and willing our Mietaa (as his nickname was) catching up with the Swedish Thomas Wassberg. And then the Swede crosses the finish line one hundredth of a second faster! We all fell silent in utter disbelief! Luckily my Mom decided that was the best time to bring out the cake to shift the mood. That btw was the last time hundredths of seconds were counted in Olympic skiing… they do just tenths these days. -Susanna


From the time I was born until 13 years old, I celebrated my birthday with my dad via telephone. I would impatiently await his phone call to hear his voice. He would have a package delivered just in time for me to open on my birthday while on the phone with him. After a long 13 years, my dad finally had orders to leave Korea for good and be home with us. That meant he would be home for my 14th birthday. I was crazily excited, I couldn't wait to celebrate my birthday with my dad home. One of the things I really wanted for my birthday was dinner at Red Lobster and he made that happen. We had a great time and enjoyed our meal! My dad was sitting across from me and the joy on his face seeing how happy I was nearly brought tears to my eyes. But I held them back and enjoyed the moment. I often think about those moments chatting with my dad on the phone back then and how he made it a point to stay up and chat with me, wishing me a happy birthday, which meant the world to me. As a 50-something adult, my dad and I continue chatting on the phone on my birthday (and any other day) and we laugh and laugh about all the things sprinkled with a little bit of gossip. -CLJ, ME



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