About Cindy Liebel Jewelry

"Cindy Liebel is jewelry for the individual, the ever-curious collector who actively engages with the world and thrives on exploration. I strive to empower our customers by making style easy and timeless, offering them a special treat that aligns with their worldview.

I believe jewelry should speak to the person wearing it... So, I produce a variety of sizes and metal finishes to empower jewelry collectors, representing a wide range of body types and skin colors. My pieces are crafted to outlast trends and regular enjoyment.

Designed specifically for comfortable, everyday accessorizing, that are  functional and lightweight, crafted to compliment your look."

Cindy Liebel Jewelry is designed and hand fabricated using recycled precious metals from earrings to rings to necklaces with an understated twist. Modern details are displayed within each style that's simple and sleek for everyday adornment.


Her Values

Her unwavering commitment to ethical and sustainable sourcing pushes the limits of her creativity and invites Cindy to explore new opportunities in design. All jewelry is mindfully crafted with sustainability in mind. Cindy intentionally source all materials from supply chains that focus on environmental stability and that educate consumers about sustainable mining and ethical trade. To that end, she only uses recycled sterling silver, gold and other precious metals acquired from trusted, responsible suppliers, or she recycles the metal herself. Whenever possible, Cindy reuses raw materials. The packaging incorporates post-consumer materials, and she supports non-profit organizations like Green America, which promote environmentally sustainable living.


The Artist

Cindy has been a passionate visual storyteller for as long as she can remember. During her childhood, Cindy's grandfather first inspired her love for photography, a craft she explored and honed during her formative years. In 2007, Cindy had the opportunity to learn and develop basic metalsmithing techniques, which captivated her creativity and ultimately inspired her rebrand and launch Cindy Liebel Jewelry in 2014. Since then, she's been refining her craft and continually seeking new ways to evoke emotion and delight her customers through intentional design.


Her Process

Inspired by the characteristics of Scandinavian design aesthetics, post-modern, contemporary, and Art Deco architecture, including forms of geometric patterns, and abstract line drawings, Cindy handcrafts her pieces using a fusion of traditional and modern processes. Every one of Cindy's designs starts with a hand-drawn sketch and transformed into paper models for scale, which allow her to see the form and shape of the design in a more tangible way. After she finalizes the design, she begins the production process, crafting each piece, from start to finish, in her Virginia studio, a lady lair that Cindy's husband designed and built for her.

Photograph by Laura Fulmer


Local and regional nonprofit organizations CLJ supports... Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank, The Humane League, Empowerhouse (VA), and We Wield the Hammer.

Proud member of:
NYCJW Here We Are Class of 2021-2022
Stay Gold Collective
Black In Jewelry Coalition
Women's Jewelry Association DMV Chapter

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