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STYLE GUIDE | Jewelry Trends: How to Pair Mismatched Asymmetrical Earrings

Vilma Bar Posts & Maya Studs

As you may well know, I am really into non-traditional trends when it comes to wearing jewelry. This is why I design and create a variety of sizes, shapes, and metal finishes. I love how a pair of long silver earrings compliment a small pair of gold or black studs. It's fun and it's OK to mix jewelry up to your own liking.

There's been a trend for quite some time in the fashion industry, celebrities, and fashion models mixing up their earrings game; long to short to bold to sparkly! I love the look and the idea of non-traditional ways to wear jewelry.

Mismatching earrings is a bold move to your everyday wardrobe and totally well worth the fun! There are so many ways to wear mismatched earrings all while rawking your own personal style. We've paired our mismatched earrings we think you'd like along with ideas to dress up your ear lobes with your mismatched earrings. 

Lyra Posts & Selene Post Earrings

Stick with a similar design style or theme within the same collection. Pair a post dangle earring with a simple stud earring. This style is simple and sleek and adds variety to your daily attire. 

Mini Paloma Posts & Micro Arcsis Studs

Keep it simple with this pairing, an open oval, and simple circle stud earrings. A great way to tone it down yet adds attention to your casual wardrobe. 

Athena Threaders & Mora Posts

Add a splash of color to the mix! I don't know about you, but I love mixing metals and this combo is sure to grab attention. Add dimension and curves for a dramatic look. If mixing contrasting color isn't your thing, it's ok. Wear the same styles in the same color for a move understated look.

Candis Earrings & Alma Bar Studs

Elongate with ease! A simple long narrow earring paired with a rectangular stud earring complements this paring and adds an edgy appeal to your outfit.

Talise Earrings & Isi Bar Posts

Compliment your look by adding length with straight forward dangle earrings and accented with charms to match the post earrings. 

Arcsis Mini Studs & Aya Gemstone Hoops 

Another great way to add color to your mismatched earrings include gemstone jewelry and keep within the same color palette.

So be confident and have fun with designing your own asymmetrical mismatched earrings. You'll surely receive compliments and get attention.



Photo Credit: Cindy Liebel
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