Warrior Collection Handmade by Cindy Liebel Jewelry

DESIGNER SERIES | New FW2016 Warrior Collection

The Warrior collection has been a long time coming. The unique collection has an abundance of joy and love put into its design, making a variety of styles available. Inspired by the Native American culture, the Warrior collection encourages strength and fearlessness. Encompassing an eccentric, modern elegance while embracing everyday challenges. This collection is for the adventurer with a soulful and a free-spirited mindset. For the one who is open to being unique, expressing a sense of understated simplicity. Who is selfless and understands the importance of sustainable living.

A streamline geometric design mixed with subtle textures adds a wealth of depth. Facets mimicking terrain filled with height and mountain views. Peaks of feathers lined together spiritually and honorably with purpose. Shop the collection available now!



Photo Credit: Cindy Liebel
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