Necklace Lengths for Handmade Jewelry by Cindy Liebel

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For added variety, I've added more options to accent your favorite pendant with multiple chain lengths between 14" to 30". 18" necklace is universally the standard size for most necklaces. Although the chart above acts as a guide, all chain lengths are not created equal. Here are a few tips to determine your preferred length...

  • Position a flexible measuring tape or string around your neck to determine your ideal length.
  • Depending on your neck size, chains/necklaces hang at different lengths. If your neck measures 14", an 18" chain sits at the base of your neck, (similar to the image above).
  • For wider necks, size up and for smaller necks, size down from the standard size.
  • Our body types come in different shapes and sizes, wear necklaces that are flattering to your body shape.
  • If possible, take a trip to a local boutique and try on a variety of necklaces to determine work length works best for you.

Once you've tried these simple steps, shopping for your favorite necklaces will make accessorizing that much easier. That's the beauty and fun of fashion.


Photo Credit: Cindy Liebel
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