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PHOTOGRAPHER SPOTLIGHT | Interview with Nina Wilson

Did you know October is Photographer Appreciation Month? What a great time to celebrate photographers who creatively document personal and professional imagery in a thought provoking manner. As with any trade or profession, learning photography is more than just shooting with a camera, there are technical aspects along with capturing the art of visual storytelling. The many years I've spent in high school and college learning photography (specifically film), it's something I hold dear to my heart. Having to run a small jewelry business, full time, there isn't enough time to capture the look of CLJ worn by real everyday women, men and them. That's why we are thrilled spotlighting Nina  of Nina Wilson Photography, who continues to capture stunning imagery for our brand.

Nina Wilson Brand Photographer
All Images by Nina Wilson Photography

Nina Wilson is an American photographer residing in Southern Illinois. She's a mom, a creative artist who's inspired by innovation and captures the essence of visual storytelling, documenting everyday the everyday lifestyle of families, brands and portraiture. Nina shares a snapshot of her story and passion for photography.

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How long have you been a photographer?
I started photographing on film when I was 15. I fell in love and haven’t stopped since. 

What made you want to take the plunge to start your own photography business?
When I moved back to my small home town in Southern Illinois from Oregon, I saw a need for small businesses 

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What inspires you?
So much! Mostly the way light can create different feelings. Also people’s unique stories and how they shape them.

What is your favorite subject to photograph? 
I love photographing people in unexpected place. 

Did you go to school to learn photography or are you self taught?
Both really. I had a pretty good foundation before college. I attended the Art Institute of Nashville in 2011. While I learned a lot there, I decided not to continue due to the BBC v. Amount of debt I would leave with. After that I sought out my own education. 

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The best thing about your job.
The connection I get to make with others and seeing other small businesses thrive with the images I create for them.

What do you love most about photography?
Showing others their own beauty. 

Do you have a studio? What does it look like?
Not currently. I have a small photo table where I shoot products in my home office.

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What have been the biggest challenges during 2020?
2020 has made reevaluate the way I do business. It’s pushed me to work more intentionally. 

What are your biggest achievements?
Right now I have photographs in the local museum’s photo competition. I’ll find out the 17th if I place. (Cheers to Nina, her project placed Best in Show!!!)

Your most memorable place and why?
There is a old country backroad that I use to go to everyday after school. It’s a dirt road surrounded by corn fields and at the right time of day the sun and moon are level with each in the sky. It’s a beautiful, peaceful place that hold many memories for me. 

Brand Photography by Nina Wilson for Cindy Liebel Jewelry

How would you describe your photography style in 3 words?
Real, nostalgic, editorial

What tunes are on your playlist?
The Growlers, A Tribe Called Quest and Tom Waits

What's next? Any exciting plans for your business?
I’ve been looking for studio space. I have a few other projects I’m working to bring to life, including a podcast and a T-shirt line.

On Location Jewelry and Model Shot by Nina Wilson

We are thrilled and excited for Nina's new adventures in her photography business and honored to have her capture our jewelry in new ways than we could ever imagine. Visit Nina's website to see more of her beautiful work and follow her on social media via Instagram and Facebook.


ALL Photo Credits: Nina Wilson Photography
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