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How are you handling staying home without going insane? As a jewelry artist, working from home is part of the job and such a privilege to be able to create in a private space where I live. Now with social distancing, I'm finding it's pretty tough trying to find a balance ongoing through the days without leaving the house. Here are a few things I've been doing, watching, playing and cooking to help pass the time...

  • What I'm Binging: Little Fires, Ozarks S3, The Sinner, Grey's Anatomy, Self Made and so much more. And no, TIGER KING is not on my list.
  • Weekend Cocktail: Other than red wine, I really good cocktail to have during brunch is called the Greyhound. It's a favorite of mine. All you need is Vodka, freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, fizzy water, a squeeze of fresh lime and fresh mint. Enjoy!
  • On My Watch List: Unorthodox, Molly's Game, Bosh S5, and Ray Donovan and The Affair (thanks to Verizon for free Showtime)
  • Friday Night Jam Session: Sometimes you just need to cut loose and dance or it can end up being a sit back and chill kind of moment with a cocktail. Check out D-nice live DJ session via Instagram. My friend and fellow jeweler, Amanda, shared this with me last weekend and it was a nice distraction.
  • Workouts: Going on walks with a friend, keeping social distancing has been so good. I always feel energized with I'm able to get out and be in nature and with friends. If you like pilates, check out MickiPhit's Instagram feed. She's inspiring, strong and has amazing form. Also, I'm sure you've already heard about Peloton offering three months' free access to their workouts. They have a variety of workout routines to keep your body moving. No spin bike necessary! I love their boot camp and strength training classes.

  • House Projects: Each weekend I pick one project to complete. So far the past two weekends, I've cleaned, decluttered and reorganized two closets. Plus, I use rainy days to get stuff done so when it's nice outside, I can get out and enjoy all the spring weather we've been having here in VA.

  • Gardening: I love tending to our herb and vegetable gardens, but I'll be honest, when it starts to get really hot outside, I'm done. I'm not really into anymore. So, I'm working up some ideas to start an indoor herb garden instead. Thanks to local garden nurseries offering curbside pickup. Maybe this will be a great way to start!

  • Wear Your Jewelry: Have you stopped wearing your jewelry now that you're staying home? With virtual meetings and cozy athleisurewear, CLJ has plenty of jewels suitable for those relaxing and casual days at home. Every week I'll be sharing my earring stack via social media, as I have been having fun changing up my earring line up these days.

What have you been watching, reading or playing these last few weeks since social distancing? I'd love to know. I am always looking for something new and different to occupy my time and brain. Please share in comments or email me... I'll add to my list and share it in my next blog post. Cheers, and stay safe!


Photo Credit: Nina Wilson Photography
Jewelry on Model: Selene Post Earrings and Lyra Necklace
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