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CUSTOMER LOVE | Forever in Her Heart

When your good friend orders jewelry and texts you she selected local pickup, the thrill of having a chance to see her in person exudes joy and happiness in all sorts of ways! I was so ecstatic to see my girlfriend, Jaime... It's been a while, since the middle of last summer. We used to go on weekly walks together, it was lovely to escape a bit from the chaos in our world in 2020. As we know it, life happens, so much has changed for the both of us since last summer (good things with challenges). So, I couldn't wait for the chance to see my friend and deliver her new earrings.

What makes our visit even more special is the meaning behind the jewelry and why she holds the heart motif so dear and close to her heart. Read Jaime's story as she shares her love for the heart shaped motif in her own words.


"My love of hearts came about after my Nana passed away. She loved rocks from anywhere she visited and when she passed away, I placed a heart shaped rock that I carried with me in with her before she was cremated. Now, I will see hearts pop up in random objects or places and I always feel like it's her way of sending her love to me and letting me know she's with me always. As soon as I saw your heart earrings, I knew I had to have them since they immediately reminded me of her. I will think of her every time I wear them." -Jaime 

Thank you for sharing your story inspirational story Jaime!




Jewelry worn in photos: Amora Hoops, Valentina Studs and Maya Studs
Photo Credits: Cindy Liebel
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