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Throughout the year, we give back to several non-organizations we support within our community and globally. It's important for us to support non-profit organizations with a goal to serve their community as much as possible, for our humanity.

At CLJ we donate a portion of our sales to several organizations we hold dear to our hearts throughout the year. Not only have we donated money, we've designed and fabricated one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces to donate for auctions. The money raised was donated to various non-profit organizations, who educate young black females to learn the metalsmithing trade, to educate designers and consumers the importance of equity and earth friendly practices when sourcing gemstones within the jewelry industry, to fighting against the injustice towards BIPOC, to sustainable solutions economically, and so many more.

Here's a short list of organizations we've contributed to with cash or jewelry donations for auctions throughout 2020...

Empower House of Fredericksburg, VA
We Wield the Hammer
The Love Land Foundation
Color of Change
Green America
Ethical in Action: Gems and Jewels
Metalsmiths for Change
Still We Rise

On Giving Tuesday, if you are able, consider donating food, clothing, money, etc. or if you can, volunteer your time. It doesn't have to be big, every little bit helps. Find out more ways you can give back on Giving Tuesday. If you you'd like to share a non-profit organizations we should know about, let us know via email or leave us a comment below.


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