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When I first started making jewelry it was to fulfill a need of wanting to create variations of the same style and of course, for my friends and family. Hearts have always been a favorite shape of mine. It's a common shape, but not loved by all. So today, I thought I would share a little history behind the creation of my heart necklaces. They were originally named Eternity Heart. I spent several months coming up with various designs to create something that would represent a love connection with families. To make a piece that was unique in a way to tell a story while keeping the design simple. I also spent some time researching to make sure the design I sketched wasn't already available.

Here's a look at the very first, the original design of the Eternity Hearts series I created the summer of 2014 (formally known as, CT2 Designs).

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Each heart was meticulously hand-sawn. When I launched them, they became a HUGE hit! So huge, I would have to spend several hours every three or four days, hand sawing enough hearts to get by with all the orders piling up. After sawing out the hearts, each 5mm heart was filed by hand, which ended up being the worse part of creating the piece. But I never complained - well, my manicurist wasn't too happy. I kept plugging away.

Valentine's Day Jewelry

The holiday season was full and super busy with making the necklaces, I couldn't be more honored. My heart filled with so much happiness that I could create something that has meaning and purpose.

Right after the holiday season, I searched high and low for a company to create a custom heart punch. Found one and couldn't wait to receive my custom order ... three months later, it arrived in time for Mother's Day. I knew when I had the custom punch set designed, I needed more than one size heart. I was ecstatic and amazed at how awesome it was to finally have hearts that are consistent with size, thickness, and style. Timesaver!!!

Consistency ruled and I have been so pleased with the new heart shape and size. Over time, I realized with the new hearts, the jump ring suspension needed to change. 

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And with since the hearts were heavier than the original, the jump ring was switched to easily slide through the chain. Another timesaver to production.

In between changes, I created additional heart jewels that hold the same meaning and purpose, but time and time again, the full circle heart pendant was my main focus. Summer of 2017, I decided to change things up with the design; to add better structure to the necklace. I also knew balance had to play a big role in the redesign.

The new pendants emulate a refined quality with structural balance and compliments so much of why I first started making them. I'm thrilled to bring them back so you can continue sharing your story behind each heart you hold close. 



Photo Credit: Cindy Liebel
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