How to Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry by Cindy Liebel

SHOP TALK | Sterling Silver Jewelry Care {edited}

For every order shipped out from the studio, each piece is accompanied by a small complimentary polishing cloth. These polishing cloths will help restore your jewelry's shine.

The first image shows the medium sterling silver heart studs with a dull finish. The earring was kept out for several months, exposed to air and light.

Using the sunshine cloth provided with your order will bring back that shine. It just takes a little elbow grease and voila!

Both earrings side by side.

Taking care of your jewelry is very important to maintain their luster and original appearance. Here are a few steps you can follow when caring for your silver jewelry:

  • Remove jewelry before applying lotions.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry in swimming pools and spa's
  • Store jewelry in a jewelry box or a small plastic baggie to prevent from tarnishing
  • Hang necklaces to prevent twisting, bending and tangling
  • Reframe from using commercial grade jewelry cleaners as they do not always restore the silvers sheen and can also damage your silver jewelry.
  • If necessary, clean silver jewelry by washing with warm water and mild soap (note this will remove any original patina at the time the piece was fabricated)
  • Sterling silver is a soft metal, do not use a regular toothbrush to clean. Instead, try using a soft, nonabrasive sponge or an infant toothbrush to remove any grit, dirt, or shine up your silver jewelry.

Following these simple steps will keep your jewelry looking new and fresh for a lifetime. If you absolutely can not get the shine back, take your jewelry to a professional jeweler.


Photo Credit: Cindy Liebel
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