Here at CLJ, I love celebrating both new and existing customers. I have the pleasure of exhibiting at in-person art shows and meeting so many wonderful humans, and having you try on the jewelry I created with my two hands is a true honor. Seeing you smile with delight fills me with joy and motivates me to keep doing what I do. I can't thank you enough!

Although there are many of you I don't get to meet, every now and then having the opportunity to meet with you virtually is always a treat, too. This is one of many ways I want to celebrate you, get to know you and more through a monthly customer spotlight, sharing your stories.

Today's spotlight is on Miss Heather, with whom I've had the pleasure of collaborating to create personalized necklaces for her and her friends.


What is your favorite piece from your collection of Cindy Liebel jewelry? 

Heather: This is tough, but I have to go with the silver Aurora hoops that started it all. I received them from my lovely friend Beth on Christmas Day 2020, put them on, and wore them for WEEKS. I’ve since cleaned them, as they have gone through a lot. They are my go-to, go with anything and still look good earrings. I now have them in gold too, and that is the key staple in my jewelry box, travel case, all the things.

What do you love about your CLJ pieces?

Heather: I’m going to tackle this individually, as there are specific loves for each.

Aurora Hoops - The staple! I don’t leave the house without earrings, and these, in either color, go with work dresses, funky t-shirts, sweaters and scarves, everything. They stay in, they’re light, and I can pack them without being nervous. They also match my near-daily necklace that a shop owner friend convinced me to buy 10 years ago (she truly was on point). 

Athena Hoops - These gold hoops make me feel brave when I’m nervous about something. I have a funny “Wonder Woman Wednesday” tradition where I try to wear something that feels like her to get through the mid-week push, and these work every time. They’re different but still light, and I feel like I can take on anything.

Arcsis Necklace - Cindy designed a beautiful trio of necklaces for me and two good friends, and each was totally different. Mine is a mix of charcoal, gold, and a purple gemstone, and I wear it when I want to feel like they’re with me. I’m in black or gray a fair amount of the time, and it enhances what I’m wearing, plus I can occasionally stack it with something else (a skill I need to improve!). 

What matters most to you when shopping my jewelry (online or at an in-person event)?

Heather: Versatility, weight, and which metal - I want to make sure they’re seen and are the right scale/look for me with my hair color, usual clothing types, etc. I also want to feel like they’ll go with what I already have and love. I do like trying ones that push me a little, whether they’re bigger or mixed metals. I think it’s fun to put on something different and go, “Oh… cool!”


Which piece(s) of CLJ is on your wishlist?

Heather: I’m a sucker for sapphire, and I’ve loved the unique dark pink sapphire rings CLJ has done. If I’m looking at the website now, I love the blue sapphire earrings and the charms. Earrings-wise, the Xena and Petra earrings are both really cool!

How would you describe your style?

Comfortable, classic, curated and continuous (oh, hey, alliteration!) - I lean more into solid colors and curated jewelry so that the jewelry stands out, even if it’s not large scale. I want to know the story and the person who made my pieces (and I do with most of it!), and I work to maintain what I have (like a hilarious variety of black dresses). I’ve re-lined a favorite pair of patterned shoes, cut a dress into a skirt so I could comfortably wear it more often, and I just cut my wedding dress to serve as a party dress. (The remaining fabric will be a purse!) If I love something, I will keep getting it fixed and avoid throwaway items, mass-produced pieces, etc. 

More about Heather: 

  • What are you listening to right now?
    These are the three big ones in the rotation:
    Brandi Carlile “In the Canyon Haze”
    Jon Batiste “World Music Radio”
    Noah Kahan “Stick Season”

  • Do you prefer coffee or tea?
    Coffee! I should like tea, but don’t actively seek it out. Iced coffee with almond milk is my jam in the summer, almond milk lattes in the fall and winter. We have a funny tradition of buying coffee beans whenever we’re on vacation so that, in a small way, we’re continuing the trip once we get back to regular life and work.

  • Hobbies?
    I’ve started making stained glass and fused glass pieces through classes and workshops, which is really fun, even if it goes awry. I also love to bake and cook, and recently we’ve been making things inspired by our honeymoon in Portugal. I’m always down for a good vintage shop or thrift store, vinyls, and, in truly wonderful, nerdy moments, a good LEGO set is always fun! My husband and I prioritize experiences over things, so I’ve always got us at something!

  • What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
    Chocolate chip cookie dough is a high favorite. However, given I’m dairy-free, I’m a huge fan of Jeni’s Splendid dairy-free ones, like Texas Sheet Cake, Dark Chocolate Truffle, or Cold Brew (getting my keys to buy more now…).
  • What is your go-to drink?
    Saying water is boring, right? Banana smoothie - it’s what I want on a regular basis when I get home. If we’re going for adult beverages, vino verde in the summer, red zinfandel, or an old-fashioned when it’s cold.
Photos provided by client: Heather


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