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Jewelry Designer, Silversmith and Metalsmith, Small Business Owner, Shop Small Cindy Liebel Jewelry

Born in Virginia, and Cindy has lived all over the US with her military parents. She's always been creative, making her own clothing, learning pottery, and crochet. Cindy studied photography and fine arts in college, and later on pursued further education in computer science.

In 2007, I started making jewelry, first for myself, and then for my friends. This led to taking classes from wire wrapping techniques to basic metalsmithing. My hobby and love for manipulating metals soon turned into a career.

Cindy Liebel Jewelry was started in 2014. Her goal is to create modern and simple designs for everyday wear. While she still embraces art and techniques classes to further her creative skills, Cindy seeks to continue growing as an artist. Running her own business has been an amazing journey and an honor to make jewelry that becomes a part of someone’s daily life. Her jewelry can be found in galleries and boutiques across the US, Canada and abroad.

In her free time, Cindy enjoys spending time with family and friends, embracing delicious food, working out, mini road trips, wine tasting, and building up her camera collection.


Artist Statement

My work reflects an attention to detail, combining contrasting textures with bold shapes. My inspiration thrives on repetition and geometric form while creating an unconventional, eco-chic style. Each piece is carefully crafted from start to finish using sustainable raw materialsI create designs that combine the relationship between contemporary and mid-century design and modern simplicity, with a focus on sustainability and traditional and modern processes. My background in fine arts and photography influences my creativity and visual storytelling. I am dedicated to creating jewelry that reflects individuality and evokes an emotion to last a lifetime.



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