My love affair with hoop earrings began in my late teens, but back then, hoops were always heavy. The lightweight hoops I owned were plated and always irritated my skin. So I stopped wearing them and moved on to wearing studs and pearls with silver and 14K gold posts.

Fast forward to 2014, I started experimenting with thin wire to create hoop earrings with simple shapes, like circles and triangles. After a few years of trial and error, I refined my designs and updated the wire to a sturdier gauge. Since 2016, I've intentionally included a hoop earring design within most of my collections that complement the series and available in one to three sizes and different metal finishes. My signature delicate pull-through wire hoops contemporary designs are structurally functional adding simplicity and bold detail to your daily wardrobe.

Today, my delicate hoop earrings are available in solid 14K gold (yellow, rose & white), Argentium Silver (bright & charcoal), 14K Gold Fill (yellow & rose), or Titanium. I'm assiduously exploring new designs to bring to my signature delicate hoop series and you can expect to experience a new design to add to your earring collection here at CLJ year after year.

Discover and explore your delicate hoop earring your hoop style by shopping the Delicate Hoops collection today.


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