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SHOP TALK | What is Gold Vermeil?

Jewelry Gifts for Women in Gold by Cindy Liebel

I am thrilled to include gold vermeil to CLJ line, which compliments the design aesthetic offering a mix of metal finishes. What is gold vermeil you ask? Gold vermeil is a process in which sterling silver is plated or coated with a thick layer of gold, which is 2.5 microns; a requirement by federal code. This gold thickness allows for durability and longevity. This in turns brings me to add the difference between vermeil and gold plated jewelry ... Gold plated jewelry is a base metal such as brass, plated with a thin layer of gold. This process does not last long and is not durable compared to gold vermeil. Plus, there are no

14K Gold Vermeil Stud Earrings by Cindy Liebel Jewelry

Contemporary Gold Jewelry by Cindy Liebel

14K Gold Vermeil Jewelry by Cindy Liebel

Gold vermeil is also a more affordable option to gold and is available from 14K-24K. Here at CLJ, like the sterling silver, gold-filled and bronze/brass jewelry created, gold vermeil is nickel-free!

I offer a variety of styles in the gold vermeil option in earrings and rings (necklaces coming soon). You can see the full line of 14K gold vermeil jewelry currently available in the shop. Don't forget to read how to care for gold-vermeil jewelry here.


Photo Credit: Cindy Liebel
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