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SHOP TALK | Summer Jewelry Care Tips

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We are deep in the summer months and who doesn't like to spend time outside soaking up sunshine and taking a dip in the pool. While we are having fun in the sun, we often forget to remove our jewelry. These days planned at the pool, the beach or attending outdoor events can wear out the luster your precious jewels. Your jewelry is an investment and should last you a lifetime.

Check out these tips in caring for your CLjewel while enjoying your summer adventures.

  • Separate and store your jewelry in a soft jewelry pouch or jewelry box. This will keep your jewels from scratching against one another.
  • Keep your jewelry in a dry, clean environment and stay clear of leaving jewelry in the bathroom, as they will quickly tarnish due to moisture.
  • Remove all your jewelry prior to applying sunscreen, to soak up in the skin before wearing your jewelry again.
  • I love splashing in the ocean or swimming in the pool every chance I get, but the chlorine and sea salts can quickly ruin your jewels. It's best to remove your jewelry beforehand, this includes hot tubs, too.
  • Keep a soft jewelry cloth handy, as you go through the day, your jewelry can develop a film or residue from body sweat and lotions you're wearing. Be sure to wipe your jewels down to maintain their luster at the end of the day.
  • Use household items to naturally cleaning your jewelry, such as fresh lemon juice, baking soda, white vinegar, warm water.

Of course, take time to have a professional jeweler clean your precious investment. All CLjewels can be mailed back to the workshop to renew back to it's sparkly and shiny appearance for free. Contact me for more information. Remember all CLjewels crafted with brass or bronze metals are sealed to protect from tarnishing. If for some reason the coating is removed or your piece begins to tarnish, I am happy to reseal your CLjewelry. 

Learn more on how to care for your jewelry here.

Photo Credit: Cindy Liebel
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