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SHOP TALK | NEW + Redesigned LE™ Hearts are BACK!

Finally! The redesigned Love Eternity™ hearts necklaces are BACK! It's been a long time coming with redesigning this collection of necklaces. The goal was to find balance and lasting structure, including incorporating a new shape into the mix just adds even more excitement. The oval shape pendants is an alternative to highlight a longer row of hearts.

Using thicker raw materials to fabricate this design truly adds a personal touch. The thicker structure of the hollow pendants complement the heavier hearts, balances with the chains connection. The new way of suspending the pendants allow for no spinning while adorned and lays flat. The thicker materials add just enough weight without feeling heavy. The LE™ necklace continues to be an original, adding charm and timeless beauty to your jewelry gifting. She's an everyday essential filled with endless stories of love to tell.


Gifts for Moms and Daugthers for Mother's Day by Cindy Liebel Jewelry

Jewelry Gifts for Mom's by Cindy Liebel

Mom's with Style by Cindy Liebel Jewelry

Silver Heart Jewelry for Women and Girls by Cindy Liebel

In addition to the redesigned necklaces, I've added more heart jewels to the series to highlight your story and brought back gold-filled heart studs. See the entire collection in the shop.

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