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Jewel of the Month | Aya Hoop Earrings

I've been rethinking pieces based on your feedback from in-person shows and since then, I have been working on redesigning some current pieces. I get the same question every show, "Do the beads show when they're worn?"  or "Do you have a size slightly smaller or larger?" With the old design, not so much, unless you like the profile style hoop.

The Aya hoops is a popular favorite from the beginning and she's still going strong. After many questions, ideas and inspiration, I redesigned the style! The heart of the Aya hoops has more silver beads and is sleeker than ever before. The added beads allow her to be sturdier and enough flexibility to put. Per your request, the beads are seen more when worn.

The Aya hoops are now available in FOUR different sizes and come with a gold hook style ear wire.

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