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HOW TO | Secure Your Earrings with Rubber Post Push Backs

Earrings are my favorite piece of jewelry to wear on a daily basis with rings a very close second. Earrings should be easy to wear and not weigh your ears down. That is why all the earrings I create are lightweight, easy to wear, and won't stretch out your piercings.

Some earrings are so lightweight, you may forget you are wearing them and can slip out. To prevent this from happening, I suggest using rubber earring backs.. They are an essential staple to your earring collection and provide security.

Here are a few tips in preventing damage to your ear wires...

  • Twist the rubber backings while inserting the ear wire. Don't push the ear wire into the rubber backs, this will damage and distort the ear wire's original design and could break.
  • Some styles can be a little stiff, continuously squeezing will soften them up.

While rubber earring backs can be found in most craft stores and online, a complementary pair will be included with every earring order for your convenience.


Photo Credit: Cindy Liebel
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