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the process | packaging...

One of the advantages to having an expandable kitchen table is loading it up with the process of packing orders. It's always an overwhelming feeling... making sure everything is inside each package prior to mailing, handwriting my words of thanks per order, making sure no one receives the incorrect order, arriving in time for a birthday or anniversary, etc. You get my drift.

The overwhelming feeling goes away when you, the customer sends praise of happiness. That's the best feeling in the world. Plus, I enjoy this part of the process, it allows me to think about what fun little extras to add to each order, like candy, a discount card or even changing up the packaging a bit. None the less, this process is another way for me to reflect on what I've created and how lucky (and blessed) I am to share my creations with those of you around the globe. And I can't thank you enough for this wonderful opportunity you, the customer, has allowed me to do what I love!

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