How It's Made | Arrow Heart Bangle

Snapshots from the studio ... I bought myself a cell phone tripod and I am really diggin' the different angles I'm able to use while snapping timed process images. Since things have slowed down, just a little, I've been able to snap images during the making of some of the jewelry pieces. Soon, I'll share a start to finish process, but for now, here are some snapshots from last six days ago. Working on the arrow heart bangle ...

The tedious part of this process is putting the hearts into arrow form. I also have a metal ruler I use to straighten the top row of hearts so the bottom heart is straight.

Once the shape is soldered together, I attach the wire to form into a bangle bracelet. I use a planishing hammer to work harden the bangle and add hammered texture and the mallet to form back into shape.

Here's a video of me work hardening the bangle, a video I also shared on Instagram earlier this week.

 Love Eternity™ Arrow Heart Bangle

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