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JEWELRY | Amelia Bar Necklace New Look

Our Geometric Amelia Bar necklace has a new look. More slender, complimenting your neckline with shorter sides and a longer horizontal bar at the bottom. The shape and design of this pendant necklace is a big difference and statement, great everyday piece. See inside the shop, where you can stylize your own in plain, add ruled lines or darken it up for a contrasting smooth texture.    

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PRESS | As Seen On: Scandal

Last month, during a Scandal episode, a pair of my earrings were worn by actress Phoebe Neidhardt as Meg Mitchell. I submitted the earrings last year around this time. I am thrilled to see the stylist was able to make use of them. Nara Studs on Scandal: Season 6, Episode 4 "The Belt" aired on 2/16/17.

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Workshop Wednesday | Color Pop

A full day spent learning about powder coating jewelry and found objects. My day was filled with creatives learning how to add color to a variety of metals. The process was really interesting nad fun to learn. The possibilities are endless with so many different colors and types of color to choose from. I'm looking forward to experimenting and possibly adding pops of color to the shop this year.

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