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JEWELRY | Amelia Bar Necklace New Look

Our Geometric Amelia Bar necklace has a new look. More slender, complimenting your neckline with shorter sides and a longer horizontal bar at the bottom. The shape and design of this pendant necklace is a big difference and statement, great everyday piece. See inside the shop, where you can stylize your own in plain, add ruled lines or darken it up for a contrasting smooth texture.    

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PRESS | As Seen On: Scandal

Last month, during a Scandal episode, a pair of my earrings were worn by actress Phoebe Neidhardt as Meg Mitchell. I submitted the earrings last year around this time. I am thrilled to see the stylist was able to make use of them. Nara Studs on Scandal: Season 6, Episode 4 "The Belt" aired on 2/16/17.

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