(photo courtesy Tortus Copenhagen)

I have been a lover of pottery for quite some time. Big and small vessels with simple shapes and unique patterns. I love how they are formed by hand and have always wanted to learn how to use the potters' wheel more in-depth. As a child, I had the pleasure of learning it in school and on several occasions with my mom. Just one of many weekend projects she would have my brother and I learned something new. One day I hope to dive into relearning how to create ceramics on a potters wheel. For now, continue living vicariously through an amazing ceramist, Eric Landon, of Tortus Copenhagen pottery.

I absolutely love his Unika collection. Eric's sleek, bold vessels are beautifully formed with the simplicity that exudes rhythm and flow. They stand tall, rich in a colorful blend of joy. He shares his process through imagery on Facebook, which is mesmerizing. It's breathtaking to see his vessels intensely come to life! Structurally built, Eric's vessels are handmade to perfection. He also shares his passion with others in his community, offering classes pottery workshops. Seeing images of his students' excitement in his studio is pure joy.

(photo courtesy Tortus Copenhagen)
(photo courtesy Tortus Copenhagen)

Eric's handmade pottery is astonishingly beautiful, timeless, and inspiring; a true artist. His work continues to make me want to learn even more. You can check out Eric's work on the web.

Photo Credit: Tortus Copenhagen
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